MC is a San Francisco Bay Area artist.  She studied studio art at the San Francisco Art Institute and obtained her degree from Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania.  MC focused mostly on installations in school creating two large installations on campus for her senior show.

Upon graduating she shared a studio with her grandmother, a wood worker.  For years they worked in the shared space, MC taking the walls and her grandmother taking the floor.

MC had a solo show in 2005 at the 1870 Art Gallery, entitled “Where is He?” In this full gallery installation MC juxtaposed plaster casts of men’s left lands against black and white photos of men’s left hands in a city setting.  On a space among the hands hanging on the wall she displayed a video of a woman running in heels and various footage of men’s left hands.

She began experimenting with plaster on canvas near 2007.  At this time the plaster barely raised the surface of the canvas.  The plaster was decorative and textural.  Creating motion on the canvas.  The more MC explored this medium the further the plaster jumped from the canvas.

Today MC’s work is an evolution of her plaster on canvas and an evolution of a theme.  MC at once seeking a partner with “Where is He?” , now divorced is re-connecting with self through her art.  Her work over a decade ago focused on the men she was seeking and here the focus on women, a celebration and recognition of a journey not yet complete.  A coming back to oneself.  The process of making the plaster forms has been an attempt to throw herself into her work and at the same time a shedding of old visions of oneself.  Emerging at times bright and new.